Strategy development

    Remember the tale of “Three Little Pigs”? It is important to build well on good foundations.
    Producing tools without a strategy is similar to building a house without a blueprint: it's throwing time and money in an ill-conceived project which will not resist the first blow of wind.

    We help you design a solid content strategy blueprint that fulfils your communications, CSR and/or philanthropy purposes. We provide the support and guidance of a ‘critical friend’ in your best interest.

    We help you map out your strategic masterplan in writing, formulate a clear vision and targets to work towards. This can be a group-wide strategy or it can be very focused on a specific part of your business that requires attention. Once this is done, we also design an implementation plan to execute your strategy.

    Our primary goal is to create, with you and for you, meaningful and integrated communications, CSR and philanthropy strategies.

    We provide you with

  • materiality matrices to plot CSR and Communications issues inherent to your business, your market, and your sector
  • analyses of your organisation’s direction and associated risks
  • assessments of the gaps or shortfalls in your existing plans
  • roadmaps to pick the “low hanging fruits” and seize long-term opportunities

Crisis communication

    Do you believe that harm can be prevented? We do.
    Every organisation is vulnerable to crises, regardless of size and sector, and whether it is privately-owned or publicly listed. None is immune to the reputation damage of a crisis, including the NGOs. The hyper-connected nature of today’s society makes the art of crisis communication an even more complex and critical expertise within your reach.

    We provide you with

    For crisis prevention

  • issue, risk, and stakeholder mapping
  • policies, standards and crisis management manuals crafting
  • crisis team and organisational procedures development
  • media-training of spokespersons & “in situ" exercises at team/company level

    For crisis management

  • crisis assessment and evaluation
  • proportionate action plan over short, medium, and long term implementation
  • ongoing counsel to senior management
  • message points, position statements, Q&As development

Stakeholder engagement

    Don't forget: reputation is a matter of perception!
    Stakeholder engagement is a top priority ingredient when it comes to CSR, communications and philanthropy. It is also a prerequisite for good corporate governance. Stakeholder feedback and dialogue is on the rise and offers an unmatched opportunity to take a direct pulse of how well the organisation is perceived by its employees, legislators, investors, funders, customers, suppliers, NGOs, civil society, etc.

    Our support includes

  • mapping and prioritising your stakeholders as well as their concerns/expectations
  • performing materiality assessments
  • fostering stakeholder engagement & employee buy-in and ownership of company’s social goals
  • identifying opportunities for actions, refine and update goals
  • generating contents for integrated reporting

Messaging & Reporting

    "What goes well without saying, goes even better when you say it", said Talleyrand.
    The concept of messaging and positioning consists in formulating and communicating your vision and values to the right set of stakeholders in your market. Clients and customers never buy just a product. Nor do investors or financial bodies fund just a project. They evaluate the value, the utility, and they buy your vision. All organisations communicate their vision and value proposition in a way or another; whether they do it effectively and (cost-)efficiently is a different question.

    We help you

  • collect data and indicators, create ESG dashboards and reporting
  • build a simple and consistent narrative that matters
  • harmonize your company lexicology and lexicography
  • organise your tools & channels portfolio (incl. press relations, social media, events, print & multimedia…)
  • orchestrate your contents design, editorial production, and distribution


    Who practices a lot, learns a lot!
    We propose various ways of transferring or improving communication skills into your organisation. We are fundamentally convinced that there are so many styles of communication as of individuals. We provide you with the rules and tricks that allow you to master the art of communication with full respect for you personality and authenticity.

    This includes

  • Sustainability training: we deliver the necessary knowledge and tools to develop your corporate responsibility strategy, to compile your sustainability reporting, and to conduct your stakeholder engagement programme against set guidelines and established frameworks. Learn about GRI and other guidelines (i.e UNGC, SDGs, ISO26000, CDP, VPSHR, etc.). Learn about the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) requirements. Our sustainability training programmes are tailored to your needs and cover topics including Carbon Footprinting, Responsible Supply Chain, Business & Human Rights, Water Footprinting, Stakeholder Management, and Materiality Assessment.
  • Media-training: we make you aware of how media work and how you can work with them in a constructive manner. You will learn how to handle TV appearances, radio broadcasts, press interviews & conferences, and ensure to make the impact you wish, including in times of a crisis. For this, we partner with experienced 1st-tier media journalists for sessions both in French and English.
  • Interpersonal communication skills training: we help you become more effective, more confident and more assertive communicators to unlock your true self
  • Public speaking & presentation skills training: “All the world is a stage” wrote William Shakespeare. We give you the tips to master the art of standing up and be authentic in front of your audience in an anxiety free manner.
  • Coaching for Communicators: we put our 20 years' experience to the service of communications professionals who need/want to push the boundaries of their competencies to take on far more of a leadership and advisory role than experienced previously.

Event moderation

    You are looking for an event moderator ?
    It is our job to introduce speakers, keep the conversation flowing in a group discussion, and make sure the audience gets the most out of the event. Our goal is that both your audience and speakers have the best possible experience.